To Order .... Call: 800-933-2565 SPECIAL  STIMULUS $AVING$ HYDRATING ALOE CLEANSER  8 OZ BOTTLE A deep pore cleanser especially formulated to work without water and for everyday use to thoroughly remove makeup, oils and dirt. $16 (Reg $20) JOJOBA BEAD SCRUB  2 OZ JAR Used daily this scrub helps loosen dead skin cells, sweeps away dirt, removes surface impuritiies which clog pores, stimulates blood circulation and restores radiance. $8.80 (Reg $11) NATURE’S PEARLS 25 VIALS A Ceramide based product which actually assists in re-texturing the surface of your skin. Ceramides are a lipid component of youthful skin which help maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness. Nature’s Pearls help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkle, reduce signs of aging, and leave the skin smooth and supple. $35.98 (Reg $44.97) SMOOTH N SOOTHE  4 OZ JAR   Provides penetrating, cooling pain relief for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, sprains, and bruises. $7.00 (Reg $12) CHITO - CLNZ 60 CAPLETS Helps block the absorption of fat and significantly lowers serum levels of LDL Choleserol (bad cholesterol) from high fat foods. Tends to absorb oil based substances. $24.00 (Reg $35) IMMUNITE 8 OZ BOTTLE 3 in 1 Liquid: 77 Trace Minerals, Fulvic Acids, Ionized Silver.  Strengthens the Immune System and affects all the cells in the body by promoting vital nutrients. It helps to enhance the effectiveness of the Lymphatic System and increases your energy level providing enzyme boosting and unique absorption capacity for maximum cellular metabolic and Immune Detoxification Power! $44.00 (Reg $55) NU’RISH 23.04 oz (18 servings per container) All natural 3 in one drink: supports Fat Loss, builds Muscle, and sustains Added Energy and Strength. This great tasting Chocolate Malt formula can be used to enhance your performance before or after exercising. Nu’Rish is free of added preservatives, artificial sweetners, drugs and hormones. Also safe for children. $12.00 (Reg $24) N-95 Particulate Respirator  Maintenance free respirator with exhalation valve NIOSH approved for particulates under 42 CFR 84. Approved as an N95- Particulate Filter (95% filter efficiency level) effective against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions may apply. Has filtration efficiency in a maintenance free respirator $8.75 each ($77.50 Box of 10) $12 $aving$