To Order .... Call: 800-933-2565 GETTING STARTED IS THE CHALLENGE! 1. Before you start, do a few things first:      a. Weigh yourself and record it. You need a      starting point to track your progress.      b. Set a Goal - one that’s challenging yet      reachable - Maybe 20 lbs, a smaller dress size.     c. Don't beat yourself up. This is not a diet.      This is a simple way to lose weight.      If you fudge a little, that's OK. It'll just take longer.   2. Take 1 or 2  ZIP-N-ZAP capsules 1st thing in the morning on an EMPTY stomach with a full glass of water. NO caffeine drinks, soda, etc 3. Within about 60 minutes, you'll feel ZIP-N-ZAP start to really "kick in". 4. One side effect may be "dry mouth" which is actually a good thing. It reminds you to drink things which are good for you. The best thing to do is to fill a "go cup' with GOOD water and take it with you - drink it all day long. 5. Try not to eat anything for about 2 hrs. If you feel the need for something, drink water. Many times we feel hungry…when we're actually just thirsty!  If you are serious about losing weight...  try ZIP-N-ZAP! 6. At lunch time, you may not feel too hungry or want to eat at all. But you need to eat. It's best to eat Good Food, not junk food. 7. About 2 hrs. after lunch, take 1 or 2                       ZIP-N-ZAP  …before 3pm! At your evening meal, you'll notice that you won't eat as much as you normally do. Remember, eating after 7 pm is not good for your digestive tract.